Videogames and architecture
Following the generalization of 3D graphics, architecture has become a fundamental component in virtual worlds -specifically in Quake-likes and 3rd person view adventure games.

Videogames and cinema

The industry, journalists, gamers, the public, everyone's talking about the relations between videogames and cinema. These links are very much real, and much more complex than they seem. Dive into the analysis.

Steven Poole interview
Trigger Happy is probably the most dense, fascinating and clever book ever written about videogames. Its author, Steven Poole -who notably writes for the Guardian, the Independent and Edge-, talks about the genesis of the book, the reactions it provoked, the artistic value of games, and its favorite ones.

João Sanches interview
's editor talks about the role, the effects and the future of videogames press. Fascinating.

Joe Mc Donagh interview
The game designer of Republic : The Revolution talks about this revolutionary and hugely awaited game.

The corner of fed up people
Mike Diskett, the game designer of Urban Chaos, Neil Jackson, a former columnist for Arcade, and Glen Dahlgren, the game designer of The Wheel of time, are a bit fed up with the games industry, and they say it. Spicy.

Benoît Clerc

David Cage

The platform games
Games as art

Dreamcast's worrying death
Majora's Mask : our best game of 2000
Gauthier Malou
Olivier Scamps